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  2. what shots did i take at you? lol I called out public comments you made about players' personalities etc. I never said anything personal about you. No attack of any kind. Let's not get crazy now. rock on, bud!!!
  3. The irony... Yet you continue to take shots at me, a stranger on the internet whom you clearly do not know. I didn't label anything I prefaced my criticism of Alonso with it being my opinion and that I really know him and I even used the word SEEMS. I find it interesting that you remain triggered by it though. That part is wild. Peter, is that you? Clearly a Mets fan there. You're here to lend fantasy baseball info, yet began this dialogue between you and I based on...? Is this your fantasy baseball take? Mine was a critique of the Mets not doing anything logical so I doubt Acuna would be up to help our fantasy squads anytime soon. What was your point, exactly? PS Goof balls are awesome and itI think it's awesome to be a silly goose. I wouldn't put Alonso or McNeil into that category, so I find it interesting that you would make that comment implying that I think being a goof ball is bad. I'd even argue that they're the opposite of goof balls. So ok? Back to enjoying my Friday. I recommend trying the same. Cheers!
  4. I'm in. Are we supposed to select the draft slot we want? Or, are you going to randomize it after everyone's in?
  5. I guess all the haters better drop Mookie now.
  6. No detective work needed. I was actively involved in your original post about Pete. So soon you forget! It's easy to remember, as this is at least the second time you've taken shots at guys you clearly don't know. I have not and don't label any MLB player anything when it comes to their personality (making believe I know them personally), private lives or public endeavors (ironically enough both Pete and Jeff do a ton for the community and Mets org). You won't find one word about Pete, Jeff or Trevor's personalities or legal matters from me...so take that argument to those who have done so regarding Bauer. If a guy is a goof ball, who cares? Let them be them. If a guy is whiny, it's probably b/c he's not that good at the game and he should check himself. I am not judge nor jury, nor God. To each their own. If someone is convicted or something, they'll be punished. If Bauer is back in MLB, I am not going to shy away from adding to my teams if he can help me win a lot of money. There are and always have been many guys in similar situations as his and they remained in the league or are still in the league to this day. I'm here to lend fantasy baseball information, gain knowledge about how to help my teams, and not much else. I'm also the furthest thing from a cowboy, but sorry to disappoint ya! As far as Luisangel is concerned, I don't see the Mets rushing him. I am relatively in tuned with the team and haven't gotten that impression, but things change, especially with the trade deadline right around the corner.
  7. Nice detective work, cowboy. Apparently it's a sin to label McNeil and Alonso as toads but it's dandy like a lion to label Bauer as one. Must be because it's not media backed.
  8. He's begun taking slight swings, and will progress to full swings if no setbacks.
  9. The assault allegations are just an excuse to keep him out. Not the primary reason. This thread can be locked again.
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  11. 48th overall, 11th ranked OF in Mixed leagues. Yesterday I was mistakenly looking at NL only rankings. Still he’s in the Top 50 and he’s steadily rising up. Is it a bit disappointing yes but I can’t lump him in with the epic busts that are on this list. Also I do remember Julio starting last year off sluggish in April and May before his elite 2nd half of the season. Maybe this is just how it’s gonna be with him?
  12. Looks like he's on rehab assignment and due back next week. What's the over/under on # of games before next IL stint?
  13. Must depend on league settings cuz in my league he's not even in the top 150 overall and he's like 40th in the outfield but that also includes guys that of eligibility but play other positions
  14. come-on Ragans, Gil, and Sale you win
  15. Mookie Betts Offers Ringing Endorsement of Former Dodgers Teammate Trevor Bauer My experience with Bauer is not anything remotely close to what everyone else’s experience is. I love him. I think he’s an awesome guy. The personal things? I have no control. I have no say. Obviously, nothing ever came from it. “He’s an awesome pitcher. He’s a great guy, somebody who wants to take the mound every fifth day. But, at the end of the day, I don’t make the decision. That’s a decision that’s not as simple as baseball.”
  16. His SIERA is 2.99 which is elite. He gets insane swing and miss on all his pitches. The split is probably the best pitch in baseball. His issue is consistency with the the other pitches. He needs to throw his cutter more. Love watching him pitch.
  17. Wow. How does he still have a job? I didn't think national (or even regional team based) reporters could do this sort of thing.
  18. Yeah he’s not even close to top 20 in my league.
  19. It's a different story for those who have him in weekly leagues. It could matter in those because you can't replace him when he's not playing.
  20. In! Letttsssssgooooooooo—thanks cleats
  21. I had him in a 15-teamer and a 14-teamer, and cut I him loose 2/3 weeks ago in both leagues. Nobody has picked him up in either. I need saves, too, but I need my ratios, as well. If I were you, I'd just drop him. Hey, aren't you one of the bad luck guys? Try dropping him and see if he turns it around 😂. Maybe he'll reel off six saves in two weeks with no runs and only three baserunners allowed in six innings...with like 12 Ks. 😁
  22. I just picked him up. Sorry yall. My C spot is a blackhole so I had to. I didn't mean to fu(k up your team if you have him.
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