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  2. With his athleticism he’s essentially a dollar store DK Metcalf. Basically a WR but Pitts isn’t that good at a lot of WR things either. DK Metcalf is also a way better run blocker lol
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  4. Once promising. Dude came into camp lean.
  5. I was in on Lowe last season, thinking the power would surface more with a move to Arlington but it was still underwhelming. I might be okay with him as a fallback CI option but need more oomph out of my starting 1B and would prefer The Pasquatch at that stage in the draft if needing to fill that spot.
  6. Hey Guys! Just looking for 1 dedicated fantasy baseball owner to join our league of 10+ years Here are the basic rules - $450 entry fee -We use ESPN as our league website and we use League Safe to store all the league money - The draft is auction style, we have weekly waivers and weekly lineup changes, not daily, everyone gets a fake $100 to spend on free agents for the year, 0 dollar adds are allowed - 1st, 2nd, 3rd get paid, we are active in trade as well as the waiver wire! - We also have second half category incentives, $86 to the winner of any of these categories, just second half (R, HR, RBI, Steals, K, Wins, Saves). Its a nice way to keep everyone involved in the league as the season goes on - Our draft will be on Sunday March 24 @ 3:00 Eastern, hopefully this works for you! Any questions about anything feel free to reach out to me at anytime! Thanks! Eric egerstein2@gmail.com
  7. His .262/.360/.414 slash was virtually identical to his 2021 line of .264/.357/.415, but he had 14 more and 10 more RBI just because the Rangers got so much better. Now if he were to hit like he did in 2022 with a .492 SLG, but in his current stacked lineup, then you might have something. I'm not going to target or reach for him but he's the type of player I end up with a lot. Durable, high floor, in his prime.
  8. CJ. Xander will have a better OBP. CJ will match or surpass in the other 3 categories and could come close to tripling him in SB's.
  9. I'd feel pretty good about him if he were to gain catcher eligibility
  10. Olson and Robert for sure. I’m chasing the upside with Ragans.
  11. Posting again, need 2 more owners for a draft and hold roto league. 10 owners, 55 round slow draft (2 hours per pick) and hope to start off our draft with everyone together and get as many rounds as we can get in 2-3 hours, slow draft the rest of it. If not, just slow draft the whole thing. We use Fantrax treasurer for collection and payouts. $200 plus $13 for league fees. 5x5 roto - R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS and ERA, WHIP, K, Sv+Hld, QA (Quality Appearance (>= 5IP and <= 4.50 ERA)). We decided to try QA out this year which should be interesting. I like it as a better category vs Wins. I've always thought wins could use an improvement and I like this better than QS. 55 draft picks, no transactions during the year. Daily lineups. We use a 1700IP limit since we use daily lineups. cooperb35@gmail.com if any questions or want an invite. 2 spots left! Thanks!
  12. This is more about comparing Burger to someone with a similar profile. His ADP is 179. Josh Jung's is 100. Yet their statcast pages aren't all that different, down to the K% and BB%. Burger has one of the worst whiff rates in baseball, but his K rate is actually lower than that of Jung's. Either that means Burger shortens up with 2 strikes or he should have struck out more. But Statcast have his xBA at .270, showing just how hard he hit the ball when he put it in play. Curiously Jung has one of the best sweet spot % in baseball and Burger has a below average one. Yet their BAs aren't that much different. Jung actually has the lower xBA. Burger has 98th percentile barrel rate, which if I am not mistaken, takes EV into account whereas Sweet Spot % only takes into account launch angle. The Burgermeister probably has a lower floor and plays on a lousier team but at their respective ADPs I'd rather have Burger. I didn't own any Jung last year, but I think he got hurt at some point and his stats deteriorated, so maybe if healthy his statcast numbers would be better than Burger's. But he's already hurt in the spring. So I would still take Burger.
  13. What is GG Jackson? Can his blocks be sustained? He comes off the bench, and as far as I can tell, subs in for Aldama at PF. WTF? I think I might trade for him.
  14. Just my luck. I already have 2 guys DTD out of the 8 guys on my roster. (Keepers plus drafted guys so far in a slow draft) He outperformed his peripherals last year. His speed and home park can help mitigate regression. But a nagging injury may just be what knocks his stats down. SMH.
  15. I expect much of the same. So I will not be drafting him. Compared to other first basemen he is lacking or at the very least doesn’t stand out in any category. Had him last year and he was just kind of…there. Hard pass
  16. Woodruff staying with Brewers on backloaded 2-year deal worth $17.5 million | AP News
  17. If you're in the hunt this season not sure I would do either but if you're looking to make a deal I would consider the 2nd option. I like Harrison and I think Winn could take off this season. I'm assuming if you acquire draft picks you have to give draft picks in return?
  18. The Red Sox don't deserve any mention, so it's all good.
  19. Bibee for $5 is a lock for me. I like Robert for $18 and Olson for $25 as the other 2
  20. I can see why some would say Riley b/c you're already keeping JRod but I would keep the better player and that's Yordan IMO
  21. They will be similar in HR and RBI this season IMO but Abrams will have more SB's and is only 23 and could eventually hit 25-30 HR's as he grows into his body. I'd keep Abrams
  22. This dude take his craft seriously yet?
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