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How Do I Get My Post Answered? 🤔

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We get many questions and concerns from some folks new to the forum about not getting their threads responded to in a timely manner. Here are three ways to help combat that problem and get good, solid answers to your fantasy questions. Bettor In Green is known for it's top notch fantasy acumen so ensure that you become a member of the community by posting correctly.

Tips on how to get my post answered:

1. Make your post title specific. It doesn't need to be long winded or a run on sentence. Generally just a few words will serve as a good way to alert folks to your question. Example: Trade Help: Player X for Player Y. Another good tip is to put the best players in the title and not all of them if it's a multi-player trade.

2. Make your initial post as detailed as possible. What kind of league? How many teams? PPR or non? It can even be helpful to post your roster so that folks understand what you're roster strengths and weaknesses are. The line between detailed and rambling is small, so be sure to give good information in the briefest form possible.

3. And finally WHIR. This means, Will Help In Return. This is a community and the best possible way to be part of that community is to give in order to receive. Go check out other threads and when you feel you can add something, be sure to give your opinion and why you think so. No one word answers, please. At the bottom of your responding post, put the acronym WHIR and a link back to your post.

This will help you immensely and you'll be surprised about how quickly you can get your fantasy questions answered. Remember, the more give, the more you'll receive, so the more threads you help with, the more help you'll get back. Also realize that you'll do better if after you start your thread, you then immediately go out and try and help folks with their questions. Hope that helps and good luck.

Helpful acronyms:

WDIS = Who Do I Start

WSIS = Who Should I Start

ASYS = Always Start Your Studs

SIMTT = Should I Make This Trade

PPR = Points Per Reception

IDP = Individual Defensive Player(s)

BUMP = Bring Up My Post

ADP = Average Draft Position

RBBC = Running Back By Committee

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

WW = Waiver Wire

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