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Replacement owners - Yahoo - 20 Team Dynasty Leagues.

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This is a 10 year 20 team Dynasty League on Yahoo. Free .... Weekly lineup. Start 8...We have a Draft Lottery at end of season . No tanking....All active teams ( minimum 1-2 times a week). We need 1 more.... Russell Booker THarris Kessler AGordon Wiggins Schroder AmenThompson Beauchamp Gafford Zubac Covington...

Available in 18 Team Points League. Going into Year #12. Roster - LeBall Rozier Poeltl Smart HJones MPorterJr KAnderson KJohnson Bagley Hyland JaraceWalker ZWilliams Pokusevski....Weekly lineups. Both leagues.....

Would a few of you guys please wake up?   You should be able to tell we are a dedicated league by just reading the above posts...Yes a free league but we only have Active knowledgeable owners...Never had this problem before finding good league owners....Is it the adrenaline rush of Daily leagues where you are "managing" your team? Or is it the gambling aspect of pay leagues?.. I don't get it.

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