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Eury Perez Trade

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I'm in a 16 team league with 14 keepers (keep forever).

I trade away: Eury Perez & 26th round draft pick

I recieve: Teoscar Hernandez, Nick Lodolo, James Wood & 21st round draft pick

What do you think? Should I do this trade?


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That's a pretty solid return in a 16-team league...if you're in a win now window, I'd do it. If you're rebuilding, Perez is your anchor.

12-team roto 6x6 (AVE, OBP, R, RBI, HR, SB) (ERA, WHIP, K, K/9, QS, S+H) keeper forever (have off-season $26 salary cap for only to meet or be under by spring training).

Prices are not locked in yet, but I'm currently below the cap.

C - O'Hoppe, Moreno

1B - Casas

2B - Altuve

SS - Turner

3B - Devers

MI - McClain

CI - Lewis

OF - Carroll, Soto, Harris

U - N. Marte, J. Lowe, Cameniro

SP - Gallen, Musgrove, Skubal, Sale

RP - A. Diaz, J. Duran, Harvey, Ragans

BENCH - Must be dropped or traded one week before auction/draft.


MINORS - Protected

Langford, Chourio

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That's a goo return for Perez in that size of a league but I really think Perez becomes a true fantasy stud by 2025. I'd hold

10 Team H2H Cats (SV+HD's instead of SV's and OPS & QS added) Keep 6 MLB & 8 MiLB - (Missed Playoffs in 2023 for first time since 2012)

C -  1B - Vlad  2B -  3B - Devers  SS - Bichette IF -

OF (4) - Tucker  UT - Ohtani

BE - Salas, Cowser, Termarr Johnson, Evan Carter, E. Arroyo

SP - Kirby, J. Wicks, Mick Abel, Tiedemann

RP - 

Farm Team:

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