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Drop Paul Reed for Marvin Bagley? WHIR

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12 team 9 cat. It looks like Bagley is the best move after the deadline. However I don't really have a drop. I spent decent FAAB on Reed but he hasn't been that great with Embiids absence as expected. BUT he has also been very sick apparently. Stay put or drop reed? or drop someone else on my roster. Will help in return.



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I would stay put with Reed. Embiid out 6-8 weeks so lots of opportunities for Reed to perform. I have him too and have held on from the early duds. Unless you are really desperate for more points that Bagley can give you, I would stay put as Reed has more defensive upside. Josh Hart may be your alternative drop candidate. I have Hart too, and sadly there are too many mouths to feed with Bojan and Burkes now in town. When OG and/or Randle are back, it may be time to drop Hart for sure. I'm still riding him until then. 


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Guards: Haliburton, Booker, Fox, Harden, D. White, Quickley-IL, Kennard-IL+

Forwards: G. Allen-IL+, V. Williams, Kuminga, J. Hart

Centers: Claxton, Poeltl-IL, Nurkic, Gafford, N. Richards, P. Reed

Yahoo H2H, 12 team, 15 cat.

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