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Long term keeper help. All-in for one year or plan ahead?

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10 team, Standard. We get to keep 3 players for 3 years max. Each year they cost 2 round earlier than the previous years.

Im picking 1.01 and will take CMC

I need to pick 3:

Hall - 2nd (final year keeping)
JJ - 4th (final year keeping)
Walker - 6th (4th in '25, 2nd in 26')
Richardson - 13th (11th, 9th, 7th)

Hall and JJ for sure. With CMC i'll have 3 of the top 5 ranked players in standard plus pick #21.

Richardson vs Walker is going to be super hard. If I remove all of our known keepers and use the current 2024 rankings, Walker is #14 ovr and Richardson is #32 ovr.

With Walker i'll still have value for next year in the 4th. I'll have 3 rb1's, JJ and can get someone like Mahomes, DK, Diggs, Keenan, Andrews at pick 3.1

With Richardson, I could have a game changing QB for next to nothing for 3 years IF healthy. Worth noting this league is heavy on qb's so they tend to be hard to come by.

Still a ton of time to see how things shake out but wanted to get anyone elses input. 

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Full disclosure, I’m a Richardson owner in a deep keeper. With that out there, three years of him as a cheap keeper is mighty tempting…..

10 team Roto 7x7    (OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB, XBH, PA  /  W, Sv, K, ERA, QS, IP, GIDP)

C- Melendez (C/OF), 1B- Freeman; 2B- Altuve; SS- Abrams; 3B- DeLaCruz (3B/SS)

OF- Harris, BrReynolds, Steer (1B/2B/3B/OF),  Cowser,  Chourio;    U- Conforto

MI- Westburg (2B/3B);  CI- Casas;       bench-  Gelof,  JDMartinez, O'Hearn (1B/OF) 

SP-  Verlander,  Castillo,   Eovaldi,   Ragans (SP/RP),  Crochet (SP/RP)

RP- Phillips,  Holmes,  Foley,  MMiller (SP/RP)

 IL- Burger (1B/3B),   DWilliams,  Valdez,  deGrom,  

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