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75-100 Pool CBS Bracket with 100% Payout

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Hey everyone we are back again for another year of March Madness.  Below is all the info.  We will determine final payouts on Thursday when we know the exact amount of brackets.


Buy In: $75 for one bracket or $100 for two



Anyone who has not paid by tip off of the first game on Thursday will be removed from the pool.  Please make sure to review the rules.  We devalue the later rounds a little bit to make the earlier rounds matter.

Feel free to message or email me at nscarrella08 at gmail (you know the rest)


Pool Name: The pod with Pat and Nick

Pool Password: patnick


Payment Options:

Cash or Check - Ask for address.  Payment must be received by 3/21/24.

Venmo - nickscarrella is my username

https://venmo.com/     - site to sign up

Cash App - $NicholasScarrella - to pay directly

Paypal - nick@fallbrookllc.com - is my link to pay directly


If you are going to do two brackets make sure you pay $100.00.  If you only pay for one bracket and fill out two your second bracket will be removed on 3/21/24


These were last year payouts...this year is TBD based on how many entrants


1st: $1,550

2nd: $700

3rd: $500

4th: $300

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