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Why No Fantasy Soccer (MLS)?

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For a league that desperately wants to make it a "Big 5", it's strange how we've never seen a site take up the challenge of offering Fantasy Soccer (based off MLS). MLS is one short of 30 teams in size now (however improbable and unsustainable that is), yet there's no place to play soccer in a fantasy format. The WNBA (still) only has 12 teams, yet ESPN has been pushing Fantasy Women's Basketball for the 2nd straight year.

Does anyone here have an idea why Fantasy Soccer doesn't exist? Lack of interest? I'd give it a shot. MLS season runs concurrent with MLB so there would be something else to monitor during the summer (while we wait for fantasy football).

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I have a great league and am Searching for a few deadicated soccer fans who want to be a part of a fantastic upper & lower level league.


**** A few tidbits & nuggets on the league ****


- FREE entry ALWAYS!

- $1,150.00 in annual prizes is given out 

- 18 upper league clubs and up to 18 lower league clubs with annual promotion & religations (top 3 lower clubs & bottom 3 upper clubs)

- 11/5/7 - 8 roster limits

- 34 h2h matchs w/ complete scoring

- player pool consists of all EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, Luegue 1 & La Liga contracted players.

- coach controlled player contract system

- a annual player loan & player transfer window system 

- off season activities & events 


For detailed & information kick me an email to numbernine@gmx.us or save your email to this post so I can kick you an email, thanks


You can also check out the info at 


Just click open the administration folder and you will see the laws tab. 👍 



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