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So for anyone that may have missed the league we just drafted, I'll do another

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@Iron-Cock I know you wanted in so let me know if you're still a go. And same goes for anyone else who may want to hop in a Sleeper league. Our draft was fun, did a slow draft... Can do the same with this league and set it to 4 hours. 

I have draft fever so I'm itching for one more. 

If we get 2 to 3 that are ill in get the league link out and we can get building. 

6pt td all around, I know some favor half ppr so we can do half with this it that motivates more to join, some bonuses etc.. 



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Posted (edited)
29 minutes ago, SKEEZER said:

It's not like anyone is blowing up the main board anyway 

Yea that to, I think any and all engagement is good for the board regardless. I just Wanted our main guys to see it, no the occasional randos that may happen across that area of the site. 


Edit: Thanks for the thanks @BaoBou, can you put it back just so it can fill? Probably gonna do 10 man and were at 4/10, you can move the thread once we fill 

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1 hour ago, BaoBou said:

it wasn't me who moved it 🙂 and I'll respect the choice of the mod that did.

Who did it Bao, FFC? I'm just for a favor here I mean lol this isn't life or death man it's a thread that can be moved In a day or so. 


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