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Go Steele! Although I’m nervous with him throwing a complete game last time out and the O’s offense may decide to wake up 

10 Team H2H Cats (SV+HD's instead of SV's and OPS & QS added) Keep 6 MLB & 8 MiLB - (Missed Playoffs in 2023 for first time since 2012)

C - Fry  1B - Vlad  2B - McMahon  3B -  Devers  SS -  Seager  IF - Miranda

OF (4) - Duran, Santander, Ramos, Buxton  UT - Ohtani

BE -  Volpe, K. Hayes, Donovan, Heim, Torres, N. Gonzalez, Joel, Kjerstad, Crews, Termarr Johnson, *Casas, *Friedl, *Carter, *Tucker, 

SP - Kirby, Berrios, Steele, Crochet, Fedde, Waldron, T. Myers, Spiers, L. Ortiz, Drew Thorpe, Tiedemann, *Senga, *Ray, *Yamamoto, *J. Jones

RP - Phillips, Munoz, Alvarado, Fairbanks, Cano

Farm Team: Jacob Misiorowski, Ethan Salas, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Mick Abel, Sebastian Walcott

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